Marriage proposal in Amsterdam

A marriage proposal in Amsterdam: photographing an unexpected but special moment

A few minutes before Burger got down on his knees before Sammi, he asked me if I had ever photographed a marriage proposal in Amsterdam. I was shocked because I had only contacted Sammi via email. We did have a video conversation with the three of us before the loveshoot, but actually, I had never talked one-to-one with Burger. So while Sammi walked to a spot I had pointed out to her for taking a few solo portraits, Burger informed me of his unexpected yet brilliant plan. I became an engagement photographer right at the spot!

“It’s just a matter of milliseconds to shoot just that one brilliant shot”

A marriage proposal in Amsterdam and I have the privilege to capture it. How romantic can it be? That day it was cold in Amsterdam, but that should not spoil the fun. We started this love shoot at the Rijksmuseum. If you ask me, one of the most photogenic buildings in the capital. The beautiful round arches and pillars form such beautiful lines. Also, the busy bicycle traffic that passes under the museum gives a wonderful city feeling. People who come and go. It’s a matter of milliseconds to shoot just that one brilliant shot without anyone around Burger and Sammi. These are rare moments.

“She had not seen this coming at all!”

We continued our walk through the streets of Amsterdam that gave us a nice and wintery look. We arrive at a bridge and Burger gives me the sign that we have discussed before. I keep my camera ready and Burger kneels. Sammi turns around and responds in surprise. She had not seen this coming at all! Many hugs and kisses on Burger’s forehead, mouth and cheeks follow. I think this is a resounding yes I do!

I get that feeling completely confirmed when I see Sammi waving her hand proudly. She is engaged! Her enthusiasm was so endearing that I almost forgot to take some photos of this great moment.

“Having the marriage proposal professionally photographed is a super original idea”

A beautiful denouement of a special love shoot in Amsterdam that ended with a marriage proposal. And now you maybe ask yourself: “is he really called Burger”? Don’t worry, it’s not his real name but everyone calls him so. Sammi and Burger are from China and few people can pronounce his name well. That’s why he chose the name Burger himself, a bit like an inside joke.

“Photographer for your marriage proposal in Amsterdam”

Tip: Do you want to propose to your boyfriend and girlfriend and would you like to have this captured by a professional photographer? Send me a message without obligation and I will be happy to provide you with more information and inspiration. The engagement shoot can take place in Amsterdam, but of course also at any other desired location. Having your marriage proposal photographed professionally is an incredibly fun and original idea. A memory that you won’t forget because it’s captured by me forever.

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