A wedding in Norway: getting married in Kristiansand

Getting married in Norway

When destination wedding photographer Victoria asked me to capture her wedding in Norway, I was overflowing with enthusiasm and energy. I was allowed to make a wedding reportage in Kristiansand Norway! Below you can read my exclusive story as a destination wedding photographer in Norway. Of course, you can also scroll down to view the beautiful wedding photos that I was allowed to make in Norway.

Victoria and Carl have been together for a few years. Both grew up in the south of Norway but wanted to celebrate their wedding a little closer to their home. Therefore they choose a wedding in Norway, Kristiansand to be specific. Victoria had one big wish for her wedding. She was desperate to get married in a greenhouse. A venue for the party was easily arranged. Carl’s father is a floriculturist and has a huge greenhouse on his own property.

“Get married in a beautiful greenhouse”

If the bride is a wedding photographer herself, you can expect something spectacular. The wedding ceremony itself was held in a nearby small church. Of course, in order to turn the greenhouse into the ultimate party location for their wedding, something had to be done. Both the bride’s and groom’s family worked hard to clear the entire greenhouse. The result was a breathtaking wedding venue in Kristiansand, so beloved by Victoria and Carl.

For Victoria the day started with her sisters and friends at her home, there was a nice atmosphere and real girl things were done. While enjoying a drink, the girls did each other’s hair and makeup. Of course selfies and polaroids were also made.

Drinks, polaroids & selfies

The moment Carl and Victoria first saw each other was at the ceremony in a small church in Kristiansand. The marriage was officially performed here. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take many photos during the ceremony.

As a wedding photographer I travel abroad a lot so I do have respect for this. However, as a passionate wedding photographer, I took some pictures at the pre-arranged moments. After the official wedding ceremony, we immediately left for the photoshoot. That’s a tradition in Norway. We had a wonderful shoot that was especially relaxed, nice and warm. This atmosphere resulted in many beautiful moments, which allowed me to make a stunning wedding report

“They were welcomed with champagne and that’s always a good start”

After capturing all the precious moments, Carl and Victoria returned to their guests. These were waiting for the newlyweds at the greenhouse. They were warmly and festively welcomed with champagne, and that always means a good start! The greenhouse had undergone an impressive metamorphosis. Where it once looked like a workplace, it now had the appearance of a luxurious wedding location. The decoration was breathtaking. The entrance was decorated with a lot of greenery and cosy round tables were placed inside. The gin and tonic bar was a real eye-catcher. During the day, this bar was really “the place to be”. Each guest wore a ribbon made by Victoria with his or her name on it.

“A nice thing about a wedding in Norway is traditions”

As a wedding photographer I have been able to experience many foreign weddings. The nice thing about Norwegian weddings are the traditions, because there are plenty of them. For Norway, these are mainly the speeches. This tradition is fanatically observed. They take place during dinner and continue until they are there’s no one left. This tradition is also accompanied by regulations. You register in advance for a speech. These registrations have priority on the day itself.
Didn’t registered but would like to say something? Then you have to wait your turn. Carl and Victoria told me that the average number of speeches during a Norwegian wedding is 20. Yes, that’s correct, 20! The bride and groom don’t know exactly how many speeches there will be on their day.

“Every woman present must kiss the groom as soon as the bride leaves the room”

During the wedding I was allowed to experience a number of funny traditions as a bridal photographer. For example, every woman present must kiss the groom as soon as the bride leaves the room. When guests tap the cutlery against the glass, the newlyweds must stand on their chairs and kiss each other. The parents of the bridal couple are also subject to a tradition. As soon as a certain song is sung, they also must climb on the chair and kiss each other. Yes, those Norwegian people kiss a lot! I was able to watch all this while enjoying a 3-course dinner with the theme “Sjømat”. That means seafood in Norwegian.

“For me as a wedding photographer in Norway the coast is a lovely backdrop”

The rain made sure there was no “golden hour”. Still, both Carl and Victoria wanted a little break to take some nice pictures nearby the Norwegian coast. Just escape the hectic of the day for a little while. The Norwegian coast means a lot to the bridal couple and for me as a wedding photographer this is a lovely backdrop. The three of us walked to the water. It started to get dark and you saw how a new rainstorm was started to form. This intimate wedding shoot only took 10 minutes, but they still enjoyed this moment together.

Tip: do you want to experience this Norwegian wedding up close? Check out the wedding photography I made during the wedding of Carl and Victoria in Norway. I hope you enjoy this wedding in Kristiansand.

“Destination wedding photographer in Norway”

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