Beach wedding Tulum Mexico

Getting married on Tulum Beach, Mexico

Getting married on the beach in Mexico. Your feet playing with the warm white sand, the Mexican sun kisses your skin while you sip your tequila cocktail. A dream wedding on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. That’s what the bride & groom wanted! As a destination wedding photographer I have been to different countries but I had ned never been to Mexico Tulum.
I met Nathy and Chris at a wedding in the Netherlands. At the end of a wedding day I packed my camera and gear. Nathy walked up to me and we started talking. She told me she was going to marry her Chris. For them, Mexico was a logical place “right in the middle”. Especially if you know that Chris is originally from America and Nathy from Paraguay. Chris studied and lived in Germany and the Netherlands, Nathy in France.

“They wanted a destination wedding photographer who would blend in”

We instantly had a connection and that was exactly what Chris and Nathy had in mind. As a wedding photographer, I would become a part of the group. That was especially important to them. She definitely did not want a local photographer who would do his “thing” and leave again. Instead, they wanted a wedding photographer who would blend in, be part of it, and understand what moments would be important to them. Thus, no precious moment could escape from the lens of the camera.

As a wedding photographer I can fully agree with these wishes. A good connection between photographer and wedding couple is important. Nevertheless, you’re present on the most beautiful day of their lives and experience intimate moments up close. Want to read how Nathy and Chris feel about my presence as a photographer on their big day? Then take a look at my review page  “loveletters”.

“As a wedding photographer, I understand that Chris and Nathy wanted to get married on this beach”

Tulum itself and the beach are enchantingly beautiful. It’s a special place where you can really feel that bohemian vibe. Tulum can’t be compared to the nearest big city, Cancun. In Tulum you will find beautifully decorated wooden houses that are completely self-sufficient. And as you would expect from a bohemian atmosphere, you will also find many (vegan) restaurants with superfoods and spiritual people.

Together with the Mexican culture and the beautiful landscapes, you don’t have to add much more for a relaxed ambiance. As a wedding photographer I travel all over the world, but I understand that Chris and Nathy wanted to get married on the beach of Tulum in Mexico. I would like to return there again.

“Spanish music played in the background”

Chris and Nathy had arrange a large complex for all their guests. Their big day started at this location. During the preparation, the gentlemen stayed apart from the ladies. They laughed and drank under the Mexican sun. Cosy Spanish music played in the background. The complex had a beautiful courtyard. That also was the place where Chris and Nathy first saw each other.

“He broke when he turned around to Nathy”

Friends and family cheered loudly and encouraged Nathy as she walked over to Chris. Chris stood with his back to Nathy. When he turned around to her, he broke. Nathy sweetly reassured him, and after a moment of silence they both turned to their guests. Everyone laughed, clapped and cheered. Let’s get this party started!

Just before the wedding ceremony, we found some time to take some awesome photos. As a wedding photographer, I noticed the typical Mexican bars and restaurants that we passed when we walked to the wedding location at Beachclub Mia. I just had to capture this vibe, especially because we would start celebrations with, how could it be otherwise, tequila!

“The Mexican wedding officer had the marriage certificate signed with fingerprints”

After we arrived at the wedding location, I took some nice pictures in the garden of the location. The wonderful wedding ceremony on the beach started. And yes, with our feets in the warm sand. The wedding ceremony was led by Flo, Nathy’s best friend. She spoke in English, French and Spanish and made it into a fluent whole. In this way, all guests could hear and experience the stories and creamy details.

A local wedding officer was arranged for the official part. Unlike in other countries, he had the marriage certificate signed with fingerprints. Often this is done by putting a signature, but in Mexico they go just a step further.

“Evening full of games”

After the group photo was made on Tulum beach, it was time for the cocktail bar! When the first drink was a fact, Chris was thrown into the air and the piñata became a reality. A real tradition and a must at a wedding in Mexico. Logical, especially if you know that Nathy and Chris are huge fans of games. I love it! The guests also experienced their love for games. The traditional piñata announced an evening full of games and entertainment. The games brought a fun and laughable atmosphere, as well as creating dynamism among the guests. Losing was a thing, because every loser had to drink a shot with the newlyweds. A good start for the party!

“Normally my husband doesn’t join me when I travel abroad for my work as a destination wedding photographer, but this time he did”

In addition to my compliments for the fantastic organization, I also have to give my husband some credits. Normally I never take my husband with me when I travel abroad for my work as a wedding photographer, but this time I did. On the advice of Chris and Nathy and because it’s quite a distance, took him with me seemed the best choice. He helped me with all practical matters, so that I could focus on photography. Thank you dear Gideon for your support! And yes, in this blog you’re on the dance floor, a place where I haven’t seen you before. 😉

Finally, I would also like to address the newlyweds. Dear Nathy and Chris, both of you are loving, caring and funny people. Thank you for the good care, the conviviality, your confidence and this adventure. Both Gideon and I were made to feel more than welcome. By you, but also by your dear guests. And yes, I believe we’ll see each other again in the near future. A very big hug and we keep in touch.

“We did an underwater shoot in the caves of Tulum”

Tip: a day after the wedding of Chris and Nathy we did an underwater shoot in the caves of Tulum. Scroll, watch and enjoy these spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful photos that are part of the wedding photography of Chris and Nathy.

“Destination wedding photographer in Mexico Tulum”

Do you want to get married abroad and looking for a photographer? Look no further. I am a wedding photographer in Mexico but also in other countries around the world. Where are you getting married? Send me a message & let’s have a chat!


Photography: Angela Bloemsaat – Love Story Photography
Dress: Davids bridal
Flowers: Phi Stylo
Venue: Mía Restaurant & Beach Club



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