Underwater photography loveshoot

Underwater photoshoot by a professional photographer

Are you ready for underwater photography? Would you dare to shoot underwater? Alone or together with your partner?
An underwater photoshoot is unique and incredibly beautiful. The photos you take underwater are not standard images. That’s because the light, colours and gravity are different. An underwater love or photoshoot is therefore not comparable to a normal shoot on dry land. Everything works differently during an underwater photo shoot and that is exactly what makes the images so special.

“I wanted to introduce underwater photography to my clients”

In 2019 I received my first application for an underwater shoot. This would be part of a wedding. Nathy, the bride, asked me if I wanted to do an underwater shoot in bridal clothing in addition to their wedding photography. This would take place in the caves at Tulum. (Click here to watch it).

Yes! That was the first thing that came to my mind. I wasn’t an underwater photographer yet but I already had an underwater housing for my camera. Simply because I wanted to introduce underwater photography to my clients. The wedding of Nathy and the underwater shoot in Tulum can be viewed here.

“Underwater photography has to be right from the beginning to the end”

Before we could start with this adventure, I first started practising in the Netherlands. After some research, I found out that underwater photography is not very popular in our country. There are some pictures available online, but they are quite different in quality. In both a positive and negative sense. Photography has to be right from the beginning to the end. This applies to the technique, but also the pose of the person, the light and the composition.

Shooting underwater is only possible in clear water. You can think of an azure blue sea or a swimming pool. Together with Fip and Miranda from Two of a Mind I started shooting in a swimming pool somewhere in the Netherlands. Fip and Miranda are a sweet and fun couple and they accepted this challenge with both hands.

Together with Fip and Miranda, I spent 2.5 hours in the water. Even when it got dark we continued because the light was so special. Below you can view an impression of this special underwater shoot. Thank you, dear Fip and Miranda, for your confidence, commitment and stamina. You guys are awesome!

Tip: are you also excited about an underwater photoshoot? Then schedule an appointment with me right away. You can do this shoot alone or with a girlfriend, but of course also together with your partner. Send me a message and I will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Let’s create something epic together!



Photography: Angela Bloemsaat – Love Story Photography

Couple Miranda & Fip | Two of a mind



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