Sensational Summer Wedding at Castle Doddendael Nijmegen

Welcome to the sensational summer wedding at castle Doddendael Nijmegen. Let me introduce you to Remo and Margriet. A dynamic duo with lots of passion and creativity. Remo runs a gym close to Nijmegen and Margriet is a TV producer. They are both dedicated and devoted to what they do and to each other 😉 I already had the honor to capture this in their couple boudoir photoshoot and loveshoot! So I knew their wedding would be equally fun and sensational. The plans were all laid out in 2019, but as we all know, there was a certain pandemic that put our lives on hold. All the more reason to celebrate this 2022 summer wedding near Nijmegen with even more joy, enthusiasm and love.

Summer wedding with a chivalrous touch

The wedding day took place at Slot Doddendael close to Nijmegen. A small white castle surrounded by a moat and orchard, from the year 1332. There was an ease and calmth during the day, because the whole day, from start to finish, took place at this beautiful location. That meant that they could take their time to get ready. To make sure everything fitted perfectly, Remo and his friends were assisted by the tailor for the finishing touches. Meanwhile, in the other room, Margriet was getting ready with her mom, sister and friends. Her hair and make-up is by the incredible Leanne van Niekerk. 

To break the quiet a little bit, Remo had a fun idea and arrived in a spectacular sports car with matching outfit. It looked amazing and it suited him really well, he is a true showman 😉. When they were both ready, it was time for the ‘first look’. They met underneath the chestnut tree, the same tree where they would have their evening dinner.

Tears of joy and so much laughter

My job as a wedding photographer is to capture all these precious moments, so you will never forget them. Remo and Margriet’s wedding had so many funny moments, special speeches and hilarious surprises. That’s what I love about wedding photography, being able to eternalize these details that make your day yours. For instance the Sferemoniemeester that welcomed all the guests and showed them their seats. Or the friend of Remo that sang a song on everyone’s arrival. The tears of joy over a beautiful speech, the laughter about the inside jokes and the shared glances of love towards each other. 

Summer wedding goes party wedding

When the sun set it was time to get this party started. Instead of doing an opening dance, Remo and Margriet decided to do it a little bit differently. They divided the guests into two lanes for their big entrance. When the doors opened they ran through the lanes while spraying bottles of champagne. This set the mood immediately and everyone joined in the feast. To top this off, they had a guest performance of the artist Poke, and the crowd went wild. When my job was done, Remo and Margriet invited me to join the party and we danced the night away. What a sensational summer wedding at castle Doddendael Nijmegen!

Curious to see the results of Remo and Margriet’s loveshoot or couple boudoir shoot?

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