Love shoot on a beach in France

Couple shoot on a beach in France

A love shoot is also known as a couple shoot. For me as a professional photographer, these are fun shoots to do. Practically, they can take place anywhere. Hiske and Roy approached me with the question if a love shoot before their wedding was possible. They also indicated that they were open to any ideas regarding a location. Yes!!
When couples approach me to plan a love shoot, I often use my moodboard with concepts. I use these to inspire the couples so that I know exactly what they do or don’t like. After Hiske and Roy studied some of my examples, the choice fell unanimously on 1 concept. They wanted me as their photographer for their beach couple shoot in France. This adventurous love shoot would take place on a beach in the North of France.

“A perfect opportunity to get to know each other better”

We travelled to France in a fully-loaded car. Claire from Blond and Blauw Films and Sonja were also with us. Claire has done the film work behind the scenes. An impression of this film report in France can be viewed here. Sonja Koning also accompanied us. She would be my second shooter at the wedding of Hiske and Roy. A perfect opportunity to get to know each other better.

With the 5 of us in 1 car, we continued our way to French. 5 hours later we arrived in Cap Blanc Nez, near the French coast. Roy, in particular, can confirm that the outward journey was hysterical but pleasant. After parking our car we were able to check-in immediately and get ready for the shoot. It took a little longer than usual because the trip had been quite long.

“We took photos in front of a cliff on the beach and in the water”

The love shoot took place in front of a cliff on the beach and even in the water. The water temperature in April is still anything but pleasant, but me, Hiske and Roy absolutely wanted to take the perfect picture. The shoot is a beautiful memory of a weekend full of laughter and the love between Hiske and Roy. And also beautiful photos. Hiske and Roy, thank you for your endless sense of humour, your energy and the warmth. Because we really needed that during this cold shoot. When do we plan our next trip?

Do you prefer to see a wedding in France? I have one online for you! In South-France I did a wedding for Nikki & Wilfred. After you checked the photos of this couple shoot you can watch the wedding here.

“Beach couple shoot photographer in France

Would you also like to plan a couple shoot on the breach in France with me as your photographer? Yes, that’s possible! Want an other location? That’s possible too! I like to think about a possible location with you and I like to provide you some inspiration & ideas. Click here to send me a message right away.




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