Out of the Box Minimal Couple Shoot

Creative, Minimalistic, Conceptual

A lot of the couple shoots I’ve photographed took place outside. There are one or two exceptions, for example when I did that amazing underwater couple shoot. Apart from that, most loveshoots are in nature or urban environments, so you can imagine how excited I was with this creative concept. When I received the request for an out of the box minimal couple shoot from Iris & Kars I knew just the right place. This old deserted factory with its inspiring and industrial vibes was exactly what they were looking for.

Out of the box minimal couple shoot:

“When photography and videography merge”

Iris & Kars are both videographers and they knew exactly what they wanted. They were looking for clean lines, minimalistic frames and cinematic images. The photos almost look like stills from a movie! This loveshoot is what happens when my passion for photography and their devotion for videography merge.

“This minimal approach really emphasizes their love for each other”

The static frames are filled with movement, tenderness and stories. This minimal approach really emphasizes their love for each other. With only the stairs as their backdrop they really jump out of the frames. There is nothing to distract you from seeing them as the creative people they are, sharing a moment of love.

“This is just the right time”

I also had the honor of photographing Iris & Kars’ wedding. I often recommend doing a couple shoot beforehand. Not a lot of people have pictures of themselves as a couple before they get married, so this is just the right time. And at the same time it is a nice moment for us to get to know each other before the big day and get comfortable around each other. This way there is so much less pressure for the wedding shoot!

Do you have another creative concept for a loveshoot? Contact me and let’s hear your ideas!

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Out of the box minimal couple shoot



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