Destination wedding in the Palmeraie of Marrakech, Morocco

Getting married in the Palmeraie of Marrakesh Marokko

Marrakech is ideally suited for a beautiful wedding. This place in Morocco seems to have it all. Not only for the bridal couple themselves but also for me as a professional wedding photographer. In Marrakech, you fall from one extreme to the other. The bustling city life, the characteristic old centre or deserted and quiet places surrounded by beautiful nature.
For many of us, getting married in Morocco is a fairytale from a thousand and one nights. Some brides and grooms make their dreams come true, including Sirine and Vincent. They choose the wedding veneu Jnane Tamsna in Marrakech, Morocco. Their wedding had everything you can dream of! I hope you will enjoy this morocco wedding in Marrakesh through the eyes of a destination wedding photographer. Yours truly.

“A wedding from the 1001 night fairy tale”

Jnane Tamsna is located just outside the bustling city centre. The place is located in an oasis of green which is also called “Palmeraie”. It was in this place that Sirine and Vincent firmly said “Yes, I do” to each other. As a professional wedding photographer, I have been able to attend many beautiful places and fantastic weddings. I just remain a “sucker for romance”, so if brides and grooms say “yes I do” to each other in such foreign places, my heart will still beat a bit faster.

“Both shared the desire for a fusion wedding”

Let’s start at the very beginning. Sirine and Vincent live in Belgium. There they run their restaurant together. The choice for a wedding in Marrakech doesn’t come out of the blue for Sirine and Vincent. Sirine’s mother is of Moroccan descent, but both also shared a desire for a “fusion wedding”. A perfect wedding with both Western and Moroccan influences.

When you arrive at the wedding venue Jnane Tamsna in the middle of Palmeraie, you will be welcomed by the warm colours of the venue. The typical Moroccan windows in the shape of a keyhole are also immediately noticeable. Outside you are surrounded by palm trees and fragrant flowers. Whatever your eye catches, wherever you look you will discover authentic details. Examples of that are the decorated solid wooden doors and Moroccan Berbers and tables. In the background, you can hear the birds chirping while the scent of spices, flowers and summer surround you.

“Sipping a glass of whiskey and wrapped in a mysterious cloud of smoke”

As second shooter of the other photographer Yaira, I started with Vincent’s “getting ready” started. It was quite warm outside so he spent the morning with friends and the refreshing water of the pool. The dressing moment was postponed for as long as possible due to the sweltering heat. To give you an idea of the atmosphere and ambience: Vincent’s friends helped him in his outfit, after which they went out like real gangsters. Sipping a glass of whiskey and wrapped in a mysterious cloud of smoke actually caused by the thick cigars they smoked. And of course, there was real men talk and humour.

Sirine took a different approach. She gathered lovely friends around her. Needed, because in total there would be 3 changing moments with 3 amazing dresses. 1 wedding dress for the ceremony, 1 for dinner with family and friends and a party outfit for the evening program. Beyonce? Eat your heart out!

“An emotional moment that especially was magical and very sweet”

After a short shoot, the official wedding ceremony started. Fortunately, the temperature was a bit more pleasant, because the ceremony took place a bit later in the day. Sirine was given away by her brother. Friends of both Sirine and Vincent gave speeches. These were especially strong and entertaining stories that brought a laugh and a tear to the guests. The emotions flowed completely during the vows as the bridal couple read personally written texts to each other. An emotional moment that was especially magical and very sweet.

I really want to give a shout out to Claimy from The Souk Department. She is a talented wedding planner who specializes in weddings in Morocco. As soon as I know that a bridal couple is using her specialities and organizational talent, I have a very high expectation beforehand. Similarly at the wedding of Sirine and Vincent. The setting during the ceremony and the styling of the dinner tables were breathtakingly beautiful. She absolutely nailed it!

“Lots of beautiful moments that will turn into precious memories. The essence of wedding photography”

Sirine and Vincent’s wedding day was a succession of beautiful moments: the speeches at dinner, the videos before the party and the acts that brought so much humour at the reception. Altogether, this gave the day, the right dynamics. The traditional tea ceremony with the mother of the bride was impressive and very special. The wedding ended with a wonderful party and a traditional Moroccan performance with fire-eaters. There were simply many moments that later will turn into precious memories that can be relived again and again.

As a destination wedding photographer you will not have enough hands and eyes in Marrakesh, actually in Morocco in general. There is so much beauty you want to capture for your camera. The special culture, the lovely people and the striking colours. In combination with the enchanting light, it’s always a fairytale to be allowed to photograph here. Partly because of my work as a wedding photographer but also privately, I have closed Morocco in my heart. I love the country and have been able to stay there a number of times. Just look at this photoshoot in Morocco. I would like to come back again for a wedding shoot.

“Destination wedding photographer in Marrakesh Morocco”

Tip: Are you getting married in Marrakech or are you planning to? Are you looking for a destination photographer for your wedding in Marrakesh Morocco? Send me a message and let me know what your dream wedding looks like. Not only can I help you to realize your wedding, but I will also make sure that precious moments are captured professionally. Send me a message & let’s have a chat!


Photos Angela Bloemsaat – Love Story Photography
Weddingplanner: The Souk Department
Venue: Jnane Tamsna
Dress 1 Suzanne Neville via Metal Flaque
Dress 2 Pronovias via Bloomfeld Luxury Bridal
Suit: Cafe Costume Brussel
Second shooter for studio phylicia



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