Cozy fall wedding in the Netherlands

Wedding in the fall: a stylish & cozy fall wedding in the Netherlands

Getting married in the fall or winter is certainly less popular in the Netherlands than organizing a wedding in the summer. Still, I hope to inspire you because fall weddings can be very beautiful and warm. Not to mention the wonderful romance that this season brings. As a wedding photographer I think an Autumn wedding is very pretty because the light is different, it is softer and the colours are warm. Love it!

Why the bride and groom Marije & Thomas choose for a wedding in the fall, how they experienced planning their wedding and a tip from the bride, you can read at the bottom of this blog. But first, the pictures of this cozy Autumn wedding that started in Rotterdam!

“I now understand very well why people make use of a wedding planner”

Marije and Thomas love each other. They would like to seal their love with a promise. “Of course we wanted to get married in front of our family and friends as witnesses. Ultimately that also happened. That doesn’t alter the fact that the preparations were not always easy. I now understand very well why people make use of a wedding planner.

Especially in the first weeks and months, I shouted the loudest of everyone that organizing and planning a wedding was easy. I said that we had already arranged the big things, or at least already put them on paper. The smaller cases would come later. But those little things turned out to be a lot of work and together they formed a quit big job. It was certainly fun to do, but organizing a wedding is more like setting up a world event!”.

“ During a wedding in the fall, you receive warm colours as a gift of nature”

Getting married in the fall or winter is inextricably linked to a warm and cosy atmosphere and ambience. Where many brides and grooms prefer a date in the summer, Marije and Thomas fell in love with another season:

“Not everyone knows that weddings in winter and autumn are“ the bomb”. During the wedding, you will receive warm autumn and winter colours and also the beautiful seasonal flowers as a gift of nature. I am still in love with the looks and the charm of both the church and the location of our wedding!”

“As a wedding photographer, I am always happy with wedding planners that take care of the styling”

Thera is the owner of Brisked. She helped Marije and Thomas with the styling. As a wedding photographer, I am always very happy with a good party that takes care of the styling. On the one hand, this ensures that the picture is correct and on the other hand, for a relaxed bridal couple.

If a bridal couple chooses to do the styling themself with the help of a number of friends, I notice that the bride can enjoy less and is still arranging practical matters, check-ups and coordinating them. This also applies to the guests and friends attending the wedding. They should enjoy instead of being busy.

That is one thing I sometimes regret the brides and grooms for which I do my wedding photography. Your wedding day is unique and it’s all about this special day that you enjoy all the lovely people around you. It’s easier to hire a professional party for this. You still determine what happens and you experience the anticipation, but after that, you don’t have to do anything other than enjoy. Nice and chill!
If you need any tips for vendors, just let me know. I know a lot good professionals.

Tip from the bride

Tip from the bride: “do the brainstorm sessions for your wedding somewhere in a nice place outdoors. Bring a book and dream together about how you would like to fill in the day. Make decisions in a nice setting, because in that way you can also make a party of the preparations!”.

The fall wedding on the Netherlands of Marije and Thomas is published on the wedding blog Girls of Honor. Marije and Thomas have also answered a number of questions in this blog. Curious about that? You can read the whole interview about their fall wedding here.

“Photographer for your Autumn wedding”

Are you getting married in the Fall and do you want me to be your photographer? Great! Just send me a message & let’s have a chat. Looking forward meeting you two!


Photographer: Angela Bloemsaat – Love Story Photography
Videographer: Kleine verhalen videografie
Venues: De kleischuur Gouda & Dorspskerk Haastrecht
Sweets Table: Sprinkles Bakery 
Dress: De Bruidshoek
Shoes bride: Gucci
Suit groom: House of dapper
Styling: Brisked
Weddingstationary: Van Moois
Hair bride: Tres Jolie
Barber: The Garage 39
Rings: Goudsmit Janna Geesink
Jewelry bride: Bareo Neal, Vedder & Vedder
Music: DJtehuur



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