Exciting Elopement Wedding at Lake Como in Italy

This exciting elopement wedding at Lake Como Italy all started with a romantic proposal during a holiday at Mykonos. With the beautiful beach as backdrop, Iain proposed to Sarah at the balcony of their hotel. Now their wedding adventure could begin, and an adventure it was! After rescheduling three times due to covid, the celebration of their love could finally take place. And what better location than Lake Como in Italy? Truly every wedding photographer’s dream. This was not all, they also decided for it to be an elopement wedding. Just Iain, Sarah, (the planners) and I were there to witness their beautiful day. What a mesmerizing experience!

Elopement Wedding Lake Como Italy

There were so many special moments during this destination wedding in Italy. First of all, the views were absolutely stunning. The lake, the ceremony, the boat trip, the dinner (definitely scroll down if you want to see that). But of course we had to start the day with hair, make-up, and the wedding dress. With an elopement wedding there is no bridal party or family to help with this, so I had the honor to assist Sarah. As a wedding photographer I’m rarely ever in the picture frame, but for this special occasion I made an exception.   

This destination wedding in Italy has amazing views

An elopement wedding is just so incredible! It’s a very intimate celebration in which the bride and groom have their undivided attention for each other. You can see the ease, the care, the fun, and especially, the love in the pictures. What an extraordinary event to witness and capture. Everything about this destination wedding was just magical. From the spectacular Italian sights to the exciting boat trip on Lake Como. And from the gorgeous blooming gardens to the fairytale-like dinner with the sun setting in the sky.

Planning an elopement wedding? Sarah has some tips!

Sarah shared the experience of her wedding on girlsofhonour.nl and she has some advice 😉 Especially for people who are looking for an elopement or destination wedding photographer.

“With an elopement wedding it is very important to have a great team around to help you. The day goes by so quickly! Try and ensure that you steal 5 minutes with your new husband, just the two of you. Also, get yourself an ‘Angela’. Our photographer Angela was an absolute rock on the day of our wedding. You do not realize how much time you will spend with your photographer on the day of your wedding. It is so important that your personalities match. Angela thought of all the little details that I hadn’t, and wasn’t afraid to push things to the limit to ensure both my husband and I got the wedding day of our dreams.”

Unforgetable moments

Sarah’s favorite part of the wedding:

My favorite part of the wedding was when I was sitting at our wedding dinner at night time.  My husband and I were watching the final hours of sunlight fade to dark under a gazebo of jasmine flowers right on the shores of Lake Como. Our florists, Pascal and Michelle from House of Artz, had created the most incredible wedding table filled with flowers and fairy lights, it was like something from a dream.

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