Couple Shoot in Paris: The City of Love

Romantic sites, urban vibes and lots of fun

Marie about the couple shoot in Paris: the city of love:

“Every year, Jonas and I, book a photoshoot with a photographer that we admire. I am a photographer myself and my schedule was pretty full already, so we decided to combine this year’s shoot with our trip to Paris. Super corny and cliché, I know, but we knew that Angela would create something original and cool. And my oh my she did!”

A couple shoot in Paris, the city of love means:

“Urban vibes, romantic streets and artistic corners”

When in Paris, the Eiffeltower is the first thing that comes to mind, so of course we had a peak at it. Though only a small peak, because Paris has so much more to offer! It’s a super versatile city with urban vibes, romantic streets and artistic corners – we wanted to grasp it all. This beautiful city is full of movement. It lends itself perfectly for dazzling details and sweet moments, raw and tender at the same time.

“Raw and tender at the same time”

The most important thing for a couple shoot is that the pictures reflect you as a couple, so before we start we plan a moment to discuss what you want and how you want to feel. It soon became clear that Jonas and Marie, first and foremost, just love to goof around and enjoy delicious food. So, of course, after the destination photoshoot we shared a nice meal together 😉 Oh how I love my job! We had so much fun capturing all these different facets of this beautiful city. And at the same time capturing all these different facets of Marie and Jonas as a couple as well.

“These pictures really are a dream come true”

A dear wish of mine was fulfilled as well with this photoshoot. I’ve been wanting to take pictures of the “Inception Bridge” for a very long time. The movie Inception uses the famous Pont de Bir-Hakeim in a dream sequence and wow what a magnificent location. Rough and robust, a touch of art deco, and super cinematic, these pictures really are a dream come true.

Do you want a couple shoot in Paris: The city of love? Or perhaps another beautiful destination loveshoot? Contact me for the possibilities.

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Couple shoot in Paris: the city of love



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