I’m very much enjoying our house at the forest side, but also love to travel the exotic and tropical Curaçao from time to time. I’m still madly in love with my husband and could not live withoutour two cats.

My photographers heart starts beating faster when traveling, especially when I see forseign mountains and the azuse blue sea.

Ofcourse I am also a big fan of romance! My wedding proposal? After a date night, the light went off in our bedroom. When I looked up to the ceiling I saw glow-in-the-dark letters that said: ‘Dear An, will you marry me?’ You can imagine I was going crazy! 😉



The father tenderly kisses the bride-to-be on her cheek before he leaves her at the alter. Grandma gently touches the beautiful wedding dress. A child happily dances trough the crowd of family and friends. All these things I capture as photographer when you are celebrating the most important moment of your lives together!

Pure wedding photography
I photograph your wedding in her most pure form. I tell your love story in images. I  look for nice spots to make the both of you shine on photos. It is all about the connection between you, the guests and the details.

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Marrying: your story from a to z
As your wedding photographer I like to capture your story from a to z: a unique story in pictures. There are always surprising shots. On a day like this, everything goes so fast that you might not have noticed some of the events that took place. My work is successful when I have immortalized your love in the most pure and stylish way, in all its spontaneity.


Does my photography suit you? I would love to send you more information. Fill in the application form and I will get back to you soon. It is possible to plan a get-to-know-you beforehand. I am looking forward to hear from you!